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Who is the Best Hessian Bags Supplier?


Made of the jute plant’s fibres, a Hessian bag, sometimes referred to as a burlap bag, is a robust, coarse fabric bag. Hessian fabric has several uses outside of packaging due to its strength, breathability, and biodegradability. The bags can be treated or dyed to suit special needs, but they are typically identified by their rough texture and natural golden-brown colour. Because they are so durable, hessian bags are perfect for transporting big stuff. This loosely woven cloth is perfect for keeping things that need air circulation. These natural fibre bags are also eco-friendly and can easily break down over time. Their capacity to absorb moisture helps to keep their contents dry, which increases their usefulness in a variety of environments. Trunel Bags offers the best hessian bags for sale.

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How are Hessian Bags Made


Strong, breathable, and biodegradable Hessian bags for sale are the result of a multi-stage process that must be carefully orchestrated. The process starts with growing and gathering jute plants, which do best in the rainiest regions of the world, which is mostly in Bangladesh and India. It is common practice to cultivate jute plants during the monsoon season, when the weather is warm and there is enough of rain. After the plants have matured, which takes approximately four to six months, they are harvested by chopping the stalks short and letting them sit in the field for a few days to start softening the fibers.

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Retting, which comprises removing the fibres from the stalks, follows. For roughly 10 to 20 days, the jute stalks are soaked in ponds or rivers with sluggish currents. The pectin that attaches the fibres to the stalk is degraded by microbes during this time. Following the retting process, the jute stalks are pounded to further release the fibres, which are subsequently hand-stripped from the stalks.

In order to make yarn, the stripped jute fibres go through a series of operations. To begin, the fibres are soaked in water and then dried in the sun. Before being spun, either mechanically or by hand, they are carded to clean and align them. The technique involves twisting the strands together to form a single thread, which is subsequently wound into spools.

There is a specific procedure for weaving the jute yarn into cloth. A warping machine weaves yarns onto a beam after aligning them parallel to each other on spools. Weaving occurs when the prepared warp beam is lowered onto a loom. The process of creating Hessian fabric involves interlacing the warp and weft yarns in this location. Huge mechanical looms are used for this purpose, and they can weave the fabric quite quickly.

In order to improve its qualities, the woven Hessian fabric is frequently treated in a number of ways. Dyeing the fabric is an option for getting the exact colour you want. Fabrics can be coated with fire-retardant chemicals or laminated, depending on their end-use. A cloth can be made water-resistant by laminating it with a plastic layer on one side. Before the cloth is wound onto huge spools, it is examined for flaws and fixed if necessary.

The final step is to cut and stitch the fabric into bags. Automated cutting machines precisely slice the rolls of Hessian cloth into predetermined proportions. The bags are reinforced at the seams to make them handle heavy loads after they are put together using industrial sewing machines from the cut pieces. At this point, accessories like drawstrings or handles are stitched on.

Quality control and final touches are the last steps. To guarantee everything is up to par, every bag is quality-checked thoroughly. You can use screen printing or another printing technique to put your logo, labels, or any other design you want on the bags.

Why Buy a Hessian Bag from Us?


Here at Trunel Bags, we are proud to provide our customers with premium Hessian bags for sale, that are used across a multitude of sectors. For agricultural purposes, our permeable Hessian bags are ideal for preserving and transporting perishable goods, such as wheat, potatoes, and onions.

Ideal for transporting sand and other building supplies, they are also useful as sandbags for controlling flooding.

Hessian bags are multipurpose and often used as reusable shopping bags by retailers and craftsmen for a variety of craft projects.

Industrial users can rely on these bags for reliable packing and shipping of a wide range of commodities.

A lot of people love our Hessian bags because of their quality and versatility. Made from natural fibres, they are sustainable and biodegradable, adding to their eco-friendliness. They can be used for almost anything and they offer an affordable packaging solution.

You can dye, print, and treat our Hessian bags to match your exact specifications and personal style. If you’re looking for long-lasting, adaptable, and eco-friendly packaging options, Trunel Bags’ solutions are the way to go.

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