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About Trunel

Trunel is a leading bulk bag supplier, polypropylene bag supplier and UN certification bags supplier in South Africa. We specialise in new and misprint polypropylene, plastic, knitted and loom vegetable bags as well as plastic sheeting, silage sheeting and pallet wrap.

View more information on our Bulk Bags for sale in Gauteng, as well as the plastic products and UN certification bags we supply in South Africa.
We offer secondhand 1 ton bags, as well as new bulk bags in the following sizes: 5kg,10kg,12,5kg,25kg,50kg,60kg,80kg,500-2000kg.
Founded in 2008 by Christo Nel, Trunel is a packaging supplier that places high value on quality products, service excellence, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

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Today, we boast with a strong infrastructure that enables us to deliver our bulk packaging products as mentioned across the entire country. With a variety of customers in the food packaging, general packaging, mining, farming, and milling industry, we have developed a reputable track record in the packaging business.

More about our Polypropylene Bags

Best Priced Polypropylene Bags on Sale in Gauteng

What are Polypropylene Bags?

These Bags, because of the strong material that it is manufactured (woven) with, is a very strong way of transporting and storing various products inside of the strong aesthetic clean bags. The Thickness of the manufacturing "woven" material is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The heavier the product inside the bags or the more robust structure of the product that is inserted in the bags determines the thickness (gsm) of the material that it is manufactured of land needs to be manufactured of.

The testing of the Polypropylene (Polyprop) material is performed in an up to standard testing facility weighing each time the exact same size of Polyprop material. The different weights of the exact same size material samples indicates the thickness, in other words, the GSM of the Polyprop material. Polypropylene material can also be UV treated which will enable the bags to last longer in direct sunlight where the bag material is exposed to UV damage.

In the case where a very fine product is being inserted inside of the woven (Polyprop) bag and the product itself may be filtering through the "woven"  material the solution to stop the product from filtering through will be to laminate (treat) the Polyprop Bag material. Lamination of the Polyprop Bag material is where the "woven" Polyprop material is covered with a plastic layer and the layer is attached to the "woven" material with a heat process which prevents any product to filter through the bag itself.

Polypropylene (Polyprop) Bags are suited for the printing of customer logos of any kind of design or print which the customer would prefer. There are two methods of labeling a bag with a logo or print and they are either normal printing or BOPP printing. Normal printing is where normal ink is applied to a raw Polypropylene Bag without any additional plastic layer and so on. Bags can in both types of printing be printed on the front and on the back / reverse side of the bag.

BOPP printing is where the logo/print is printed on a plastic layer and again with a heat sealing process attached permanently to the Polyprop Bag. the advantage with the BOPP printing is that the quality of the logo/print is very high standard and almost the same quality of a real live photo finish. An example of BOPP method printing is the dog food bags with the dog in front looking like a real dog itself in photo quality. The disadvantage of the BOPP method of printing is that this method is much more expensive than the plain or conventional method.

The plain/conventional printing of Polypropylene "woven" Bags is the most cost efficient method of printing with the quality of the print not of that high quality as BOPP method of printing. We normally suggest to customers just starting a new business to start using the plain/conventional method which is not that much expensive and on a later stage as their finances grow to consider the BOPP printing method which will also help the marketing of their product through the better quality logo on their packaging.

The Polypropylene Bags on sale is manufactured in different sizes to contain different weights of products inside of the bags which is determined by the customer's needs. The different weights for which the bags are being manufactured varies from 5kg and goes up to 2000kg weight capacity per bag.

Our smaller size (5kg-80kg) Polyprop Bags are cut into various sizes with on opening left open and the other stitched closed. Our Polypropylene Bulkbags which varies from a 400kg capacity to 2000kg capacity is manufactured accordingly to the client's specific needs. We strive to make our bags in a preferred way according to the customer needs to in effect help the customer's production system by simplifying and optimizing their packaging process.

Our Bulkbags have different manufacturing options for the top of the bag and again for the bottom/end of the bag. The top of the bag can be open or closed by different option closures as well as the bottom of the bag again, helping with the discharging of the product inside of the bag. It comes down to us, the manufacturer, of Polypropylene Bags to use our knowledge and expertise and caring about your business to give you, the client, an effective and good quality Polypropylene Bag product, helping you to sell, store and transport your products accordingly to your needs.

We deliver to the following Countries too: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Reunion, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Buy High-Quality Polypropylene Bags from Trunel Bags

At Trunel Bags, we are the experts when it comes to providing high-quality, reliable polypropylene bags. We specialise in providing both new and misprint polypropylene, knitted, plastic and loom bags to be used for all sorts of purposes. Supplying polypropylene bags in Gauteng, we are the suppliers of choice for many clients.

We live in a world of plastic bags. At every shop you visit, you have the option of buying a recyclable carry bag for your purchases. And even when you order something online, it will arrive wrapped in a box with plastic either covering the box of covering the items that are inside. Then there is the plastic that we have in our homes, for the kitchen and household waste and occasionally even for the pot plants. While we simply refer to them as plastic bags, but polypropylene is the correct term.

Bags are made out of a variety of different plastics, but polypropylene is certainly the most common plastic used. One of the reasons why polypropylene bags are the better option, is because they require fewer materials to make. Plastic bags are also a better option for packaging as they are generally more environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled, depending on what type of plastic has been used during manufacturing. Using these bags in your store is ideal for when you have environmentally conscious customers. When incinerated, in an appropriate facility, the bags can be reused to generate energy.

Why are Polypropylene Bags the better option?

Easy to carry, highly durable and made to last, these are a few of the characteristics that make polypropylene bags a popular choice. The design of the bag makes them easy to handle an d Their strong quality is a fantastic security feature as the bag will not be easily broken. Most polypropylene bags have a woven quality which gives the bags the extra strength quality.

These bags can have a few extra features such as sealing zipper strips along the tops of the bags. Such bags are wonderful for use in the kitchen, keeping food products fresh in the fridge for longer periods of time.

Polypropylene Bags on Sale

These are the kinds of bags that you will find in shops all over the country. It is common to have to buy your plastic bags these days as part of the government’s efforts to minimise the amount of litter caused by plastic bags, but shops still keep quality plastic bags available.

Shopping bags are probably the most common form of polypropylene bags and they have uses that go beyond just being a shopping bag. Here are some of the other things that polypropylene bags can be used for, such as:

 Helpful use within the homeUsing plastic bags in the home is a great way to save costs while being innovative. Plastic bags can be used in your dustbin in the place of a separately bought dustbin bag. This will give the bag another useful purpose while also helping you to save money. And as mentioned above they are fantastic when used for gardening with potted plants.

 A creative way to give bags a new purposeA wonderful way to give a plastic bag new life is by turning it into something creative. There are many creative projects that you can try, do some online research. Most of the creative projects are simple to do. There is more to plastic bags than meets the eye. With our infrastructure, we are able to provide bags in bulk, to customers throughout the country. As a South African packaging supplier, we not only ensure that our customers receive a high-quality product, but we also provide excellent service, great prices and on time delivery.

Polypropylene Bags Prices: What you need to know

We live in a world of plastic bags. At every shop you visit, you will be asked if you need a plastic bag for the items that you have bought. When you order something online, it will arrive wrapped in a box with plastic either covering the box of covering the items that are inside. And then there is the plastic that we have in our homes, for the kitchen and household waste and occasionally even for the pot plants. While we simply refer to them as plastic bags, polypropylene bags is the correct term.

Bags can and are made out of a variety of plastics, but polypropylene is certainly the most common plastic used. Polypropylene bags are the better option since they require less materials to make and the items that you pack them into will take up far less space than say a jar or box. Plastic bags are also a better option for packaging as they are more environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled, depending on what they have been made out of. They are often converted into energy when incinerated in an appropriate facility.

Contact Trunel Bags today to get your quotation for bulk bags for vegetables. Although we are based in Gauteng, and offer our bags to clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria, we can get your agricultural bags to you on time.

Best Priced UN Bag Certification / FIBC / UN Certified Bags for Sale

When it comes to plastic, polypropylene, and UN certification bags and sheets, Trunel is your go-to source in South Africa. We make Polyprop (Woven) Bags in sizes ranging from 5kg to 2000kg. Our cutting-edge testing lab assures that the Polyprop Bag material used to create your packaging (Bags) is of the highest quality, guaranteeing that you will receive a durable and reliable bag. It is with great pleasure that we emphasise our commitment to quality through the production and distribution of UN Certified Bags to both the domestic and global markets.

What is UN Certified Packaging for Dangerous Goods?

Safe transport of hazardous materials or dangerous items requires packaging that has been evaluated and approved for use by the United Nations (UN). The United Nations Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods serve as a universal framework for these regulations.

Bulk bags are commonly used for transporting hazardous products including fertilisers, insecticides, and other chemicals that require UN-approved packaging.

For a product to be certified as meeting UN standards, it must be constructed and tested to guarantee that it is strong, durable, leak-proof, and impact-resistant.

What is the UN Standard for FIBC/Bulk Bags?

For a FIBC to earn United Nations approval, it must first pass a battery of stringent performance tests. The goal of these analyses is to verify that the bag is suitable for storing and carrying hazardous materials. In addition, there are strict regulations on how labels and markings can look on UN-rated packaging.

UN bulk bags are made with thicker fabric all around than non-UN bulk bags. Top panel cloth must be sufficiently heavy to withstand the rigorous Topple Test and Righting Test.

Standard FIBCs have a Safety Factor (SF) of 5:1. Bulk bags approved by the UN must have an SF ratio of 6:1. It takes 70 press-and-release top lift cycles at 4x the bag's Safe Working Load (SWL) and one final cycle at 6x SWL for a bag to pass the 6:1 safety factor test.

Once a bag reaches UN certification status, the certification paperwork will provide a "Periodic Design Recertification Date" for the bag, usually one year after the certification date.

The UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, sometimes known as the "Orange Book," contains detailed requirements pertaining to UN approved packaging. To get the latest version, visit https://unece.org/rev-21-2019. These rules are in place to ensure that hazardous materials don't endanger people or the environment in any way.

Test Protocols for Bulk Bags and FIBCs Adopted by the United Nations

UN bags are subjected to extensive and invasive testing procedures to ensure proper safety when handling dangerous goods because of the often volatile and dangerous nature of their contents.

When loaded to 95%, UN bags need to pass the following tests:• Testing for Vibrations: 60-Minute Procedure • Maintain a 6:1 load for a five-minute period while lifting from the top and/or side. • Twenty-four-hour stacking test with no data loss • Content is unaffected by a fall from any of three distinct heights • Any component of the top can topple without the contents falling out. • FIBC turned on its side is righted by being hoisted into the upright position without causing any tears in the bag. • A knife cut cannot lengthen by more than 25% from its original length.

The UN Recommendations on the transit of Dangerous Goods - Model Regulations should be used for assessing the following characteristics of the fill material in any packaging used for the storage and transit of hazardous materials:• Chemical name and UN number • Class or Group • A United Nations Packing Group

Some bulk bags have higher UN ratings than others. UN rated bulk bags can be found in the same variety of sizes and designs as regular bulk bags. The type of UN bulk bag required depends on the specifications of the product or the needs of the customer. The UN marking on a bag will tell you the basic dimensions of the bag.

Type-specific FIBC identification code:• 13H1: FIBC, No Coating / No Lining • 13H2: Coated, No Liner • 13H3: FIBC, Lined and Uncoated • 13H4: Coated FIBC with liner

Should Your Business Use UN Certified Bags?

When it comes to warehousing and shipping, the packaging you select is critical. A UN-approved bulk bag is an affordable and sensible option for your company. These specialised bags have been recognised as meeting the highest quality and safety criteria established by the United Nations. UN certified bulk bags provide piece of mind during transport and storage as a result of their sturdy build and dependable and consistent performance. There is less chance of leaks, spills, and contamination when using these bags, which can be used for anything from hazardous items to chemicals to food.

Gaining UN accreditation shows customers and suppliers that you care about their safety, that you follow the rules, and that you use sustainable packaging. Customers will have more faith in your business and be more likely to buy again if you use UN-approved bulk bags to transport their purchases. Invest in UN-approved bulk bags for your company, the safe and secure packaging solution that will protect your products and reputation at all times.

Best Priced Woven Polypropylene Bags for Sale

Find out why woven polypropylene bags from Trunel Bags are the best option for packaging in a wide range of sectors with their exceptional versatility and dependability. Our bags are engineered to survive the harshest transportation and storage obstacles. They are crafted from braided strips of polypropylene, a robust thermoplastic polymer.

Why Buy a Woven Polypropylene Bag?

Your products will be safe in our woven polypropylene bags because of their strong construction, which can withstand large weights and hard handling.

Our bags are ideal for storing goods that need to be protected from humidity or moisture exposure because of their built-in resistance to moisture. This will ensure that your products remain in pristine condition.

Bags treated with UV inhibitors provide increased resistance to sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor storage or transportation purposes for an extended period of time.

You can create visually stunning packaging solutions that match your brand identity by tailoring our bags to your specifications in terms of size, colour, printing, and branding. This allows you to produce one-of-a-kind products.

Here at Trunel Bags, we know how important it is to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. Offering a budget-friendly packing solution that helps save money in the long run because of its durability and reusability, our bags are a great buy.

Weaved polypropylene bags are adaptable enough to fulfill the demands of many different industries, from agriculture (seeds, grains, fertilisers, etc.) to building (sand, cement, etc.). Trunel Bags provides dependable, effective, and adaptable packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries, including food, retail, and construction.

The Trunel Bags' woven polypropylene bags for sale can cater for your every bulk packaging need. Come see why they're the go-to for dependable packaging solutions in a wide range of industries.

How are Woven Polypropylene Bags Made?

The production of woven polypropylene bags is a labor-intensive process that includes extrusion, weaving, printing (if necessary), cutting, and sewing. Their durability makes them perfect for storing grains, cement, and fertilizers.

Material Extrusion:

The process begins with polypropylene resin pellets that are heated and then extruded into thin, flat tapes.

These tapes are the raw material for woven PP bags.


The flat tapes are woven together using specialised circular looms that create the characteristic woven fabric.

The weaving process involves interlacing the tapes both horizontally (weft) and vertically (warp).

The result is a sturdy, flexible fabric with a distinctive crisscross pattern.

Printing (Optional):

If required, the woven fabric can undergo a printing process. This adds logos, branding, or product information to the bags.

Printing can be done before or after the bag is made.

Cutting and Sewing:

The woven fabric is cut into the desired bag size and shape.

The edges are stitched together using specialised sewing machines.

Handles or straps may also be added during this step.

What is the difference between Woven and Non-woven Polypropylene Bags?

Woven Polypropylene Bags:

Made by weaving polypropylene plastic threads together to create a durable material

Flexible and strong

Can be used as tote bags, clutch bags, and satchel bags

Suitable for machine washing

Can be made in a variety of weaving styles

Pros: flexible, reusable, machine washable

Cons: not water-resistant, can harbour bacteria

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags:

Made by bonding polypropylene fibres together using heat and pressure

Less expensive than woven bags

Water absorption properties

Can be used for arts and crafts

Pros: reusable, water absorption, less expensive

Cons: not as strong as woven bags, cannot be washed, can harbour bacteria

Key differences:

Material: Woven bags are made from woven polypropylene threads, while non-woven bags are made from bonded polypropylene fibres.

Strength: Woven bags are stronger and more durable than non-woven bags.

Water resistance: Non-woven bags are better at keeping water out than woven bags.

Price: Non-woven bags are generally less expensive than woven bags.

Trusted Supplier of High Quality Woven Polypropylene Bags

There are numerous compelling reasons why Trunel Bags is the preferred supplier of woven polypropylene bags in South Africa.

Quality Assurance: At each stage of production, Trunel Bags places a premium on quality. The use of high-quality polypropylene in the construction of our bags guarantees their resilience, sturdiness, and dependability.

We provide customisation options since we know that every company has specific packaging needs. So that customers can personalise their bags according to their demands and brand identification, Trunel Bags provides a variety of customisation options, such as size, colour, printing, and branding.

Affordable without sacrificing quality, Trunel Bags keeps prices low while still committing to high standards of quality. Any company, no matter how big or small, can take advantage of our affordable packaging solutions.

We prioritise timely delivery at Trunel Bags since we appreciate our clients' time. Quick and accurate order fulfillment is guaranteed by our efficient production processes and logistics, ensuring minimal downtime and inconveniences for our customers.

Eco-Friendly Practices: In the modern corporate world, we understand the significance of being environmentally responsible. Offering reusable and recyclable woven polypropylene bags, Trunel Bags is dedicated to ecologically friendly methods, minimising waste and contributing to a better future.

One thing that sets us different is our commitment to ensuring that our customers are happy. Every customer can count on a great experience with Trunel Bags because of the company's dedication to open communication, careful customer service, and quick problem resolution.

Expertise, Dependability, and Years of Experience in the Field: Trunel Bags is well-known for its extensive background in the packaging industry. We are able to supply our clients with customised solutions that address their changing demands since our experienced personnel have extensive knowledge and insightful perspectives.

Why Trust Us with your bagging needs?

Just some of our corporate clients


With a variety of customers in the food packaging, general packaging, mining, farming, and milling industry, we have developed a reputable track record in the packaging business. We offer bulk bags in the following sizes: 5kg,10kg,12,5kg,25kg,50kg,60kg,80kg,500-2000kg. We also offer secondhand bulk bags and secondhand 1 Ton bags for sale.

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