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Manufacturing Bulk Bags

The Bulkbags we manufacture is made of Polypropylene material which is tested, in up to standard testing facilities to ensure strong, reliable bags ready to help you, the customer with a packaging product enhancing and helping your business going forward.

Our Bags are manufactured correctly and we make sure that the Bulk Bags are also clean. We have quality controllers at the end of each production line cutting clean each bags of foreign material and double checking the stitching quality of each bag.

Please see below the different type of bags we can manufacture for your tailor-made needs in order to help the handling and storing aspect of your material and production system in your business.

The Bulkbag Filling / Top manufacturing options:

1. Duffel Top:
The Duffel Top option makes it possible for the user to open the bag at the top as wide as the bag itself and close the top of the bag agian using a drawcord protecting the product inside again.

2. Top Spout:
We can add a spout or circular tube at the top of the bag to help you with your filling process of the bag. The top spout opens and closes with a drawcord attached to the top / filling spout.

Bulkbag Discharging / Bottom manufacturing Options:

Trunel Bulk bag discharging options

1. Bottom Spout:
The Bottom Spout is a circular or round tube through where the product in the bag is discharged out from at the bottom. The circular spout is tied/closed with a drawcord. There are two different sizes of circular spouts. The standard 30cm one and then the large 42cm spout. The large 42cm spout is manufactured to allow the product in the bag to discharge more easily and quicker and helps the "out flow" with a very fine product.

2. Full Bottom Discharge:
The Full Bottom Discharge bottom is manufactured and makes it possible for the whole bottom of the bag to open and "fall away" by untying the ski rope/drawcord. This method of manufacturing the bottom of the bulk bag is used where the product/material is not able to flow through the spout circular bottom because of the product inside physical properties.

3. Petal Bottom:
We manufacture a panel at the bottom of the bulk bag to tuck away the circular tubular spout inside the bag so that the spout doesn't hang out underneath the bag and damage on the floor/ground when transported or moved around.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs.

Feel free to contact us.

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