Vegetable Bags for Sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng


What are Produce Bags?


Our vegetable bags for sale are available in knitted and loom bags (agricultural packaging) and are the ideal packaging solution for farmers across South Africa, irrespective of the kind of vegetables you want to package and sell. We supply 7-25 kg produce bags in several colours.

We also offer bulk bags for sale in Johannesburg. Trunel Bags is the #1 leading un certified bags manufacturer in South Africa.

What are the Benefits of using our Vegetable Bags?


If you are looking for strong mesh produce bags in Johannesburg for your agricultural products, our bags are the best-priced and the most reliable. We have vegetable bags that will safely hold your grain or sugar but will work just as well at holding your harvested products before they are sold. Our vegetable bags are either knitted or loomed and they are tough, we offer the best vegetable bag prices.

Vegetable Bags for Sale

Strong Vegetable Bags for Reliable Packaging


At Trunel Bags, we only use the toughest materials to create our various plastic packaging. When it comes to the packaging needs of the agricultural community, having the right bags is a necessity. Strong produce bags in Johannesburg are needed for not only the transportation process but also for storage purposes on the farm. These bags are woven using polypropylene, a plastic that is known to be exceptionally strong.

These produce bags for sale are ideal for packing all kinds of vegetables. Because of their tough nature, you can pack anything from potatoes and onions to heavy butternut. Depending on the style of the vegetable bag that you choose and the size of your bag, your produce bags can carry up to 25kg of vegetables. We stock a variety of bags and you can buy them in bulk.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. Contact us today.

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