Plastic Sheeting for sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng


What is Plastic Sheeting?


Our plastic sheeting is waterproof, robust and extremely elastic making it the best product to use inside and outside as protective layering or as general packaging. Trunel offers clients recycled and virgin clear plastic sheeting, as well as the best plastic sheeting prices.

We also offer bulk bags Johannesburg. Trunel Bags is the #1 leading pallet wrap manufacturer and offers the best silage sheeting for sale in South Africa.

What are Plastic Sheeting used for?


Plastic sheeting in Gauteng is quite a big business, as there are so many uses for this packaging solution. Plastic sheeting, which usually consists of polyethylene comes in a range of thickness, can be translucent or colour tinted and has a variety of applications.

Plastic sheeting can be used in a variety of industries which includes construction, agriculture, as a paint guard or means to protect one from paint activities and for use on equipment. In some instances, plastic sheeting is used as a vapor barrier in construction when it comes to insulating concrete or dry –walls. It is also used to cover other areas to insulate, like under wooden floors. Painters off course use it to ensure that paint only goes where it needs to, as a paint guard. We offer the best plastic sheeting prices in South Africa.

what is plastic sheeting

What is Plastic Sheeting made of?


Trunel’s plastic sheeting for sale is great at retaining moisture and protecting products from damaging sunlight, but most important not allowing air underneath the Silage Sheet.

The material which plastic sheeting is made from is polyethylene which is also what your common shopping bag is made of. This is a strong plastic as you might know. Ever tried tearing the handles of a shopping bag apart? Not so easy is it. The type of plastic is even used in products like bulletproof vests. As the thickness of this material decreases, it takes on a translucent quality and this is then called polyethylene film. These films can however be made to look plain white with certain dyeing procedures.

People looking for plastic sheeting prices Gauteng will find that these sheets are sold in rolls, especially if it is intended for use in commercial and industrial activities. The great benefit to plastic sheeting for sale from Johannesburg, Pretoria, or anywhere else in Gauteng, is that it does not rot easily and it is also resistant to many chemicals. Weather resistance is another quality which has made plastic sheeting a firm favourite, especially for a variety of outdoor uses. Another great quality is that it can be used again and again, as it does not degrade easily.

For this reason, the material polyethylene is used for weatherproofing in construction processes and structures like walls and even foundations. The thinner version of plastic sheeting, the film, is often used to cordon off areas and to keep out dust or paint on construction sites. Thicker and stronger plastic sheeting for sale can be used in a variety of ways. Even garden centres and landscapers use a certain kind of sheeting under paving stones and as a way of keeping down weeds. Other uses include acting as a painters’ drop-cloth, and as mentioned previously, placed on curing concrete to retain moisture.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. Contact us today.

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