Pallet Wrap for Sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng


What is a Pallet Wrap?


At Trunel we are the best pallet wrap manufacturer in Johannesburg, Gauteng to tightly bind and seal pallets and other products for secure transportation. Choose between a variety of widths, lengths and microns. Available in 400m – 2,000 m lengths.

Pallet wrap for sale is that versatile plastic that is used to cover items that are placed on a wooden pallet. This strong plastic is fantastic for keeping products safe while they are being transported, but there is a way that the plastic wrap can be strengthened. In this article, we are going to share some tips with you for how you can get the most out of your product.

All sorts of products benefit from the safety provided by plastic pallet wrap. Products that are being transported all over the world are often securely packed onto a pallet before plastic sheeting is either manually or automatically wrapped over it. This method allows packing companies to stack the products high without worrying about their precious cargo going adrift. Normally the products that are being transported will already be packed in boxes, but that is no guarantee that the products are going to be kept safe during their journey. This is where plastic wrap has really come in handy, and this is also where the wrapping has gone to the next level.

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What is Pallet Wrap used for?


Pallet wrap is easily understood, but little is known of the great benefits of this packaging solution. As the name suggests, like anywhere else in the country, pallet wrap in Johannesburg points to the plastic sheeting product that is very flexible and is used in the packaging of bulk products, usually to seal products on pallets.

The benefits of pallet wrap in Gauteng and other Provinces (also known as a stretch wrap or clear stretch film) are many, and the material comes in a variety of grades. Benefits of getting your pallet wrap include the fact that because of the wrap process, which leaves the plastic clinging tightly to the product, it does stabilize the package to a large extent, and makes it easier for the package to be moved around. The other great benefit is that with clear pallet wrap, the objects or products are identifiable. As your product moves along in the supply chain, there are a variety of climatic conditions it may be exposed to. Heat, cold and moisture are all on the cards when a package is transported. Trunel bags is the leading stretch film manufacturer in Gauteng.

Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film) for Sale

So if the need arises for plastic bags, or plastic sheeting as well as pallet wrap in your business, don’t hesitate to contact us for our quality plastic products and nationwide on-time delivery.

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Feel free to enquire for more information on our various types of packaging options and more on the qualities of the materials that we supply, as well as their real-world applications. We are enthusiastic about our customers and providing great service, so we want to hear from you.

How to Make Stretch Film Stronger


One of the most popular ways to make your plastic extra strong is to apply some heat to it. Often when loose goods are being transported, the best way to make sure that they are properly secure is to heat the stretch film around it. Heat stretch film will also securely bind the wrap to the pallet itself ensuring that the items on the pallet get that extra security. The stretch film you will need to be able to do this will either be the type that is available on a roll or it will come in the form of a bag. The wrap available on a roll is usually the better option as it has more value for money. The wrap will be more than enough for one pallet, making it work out a whole lot cheaper.

If you are looking to heat the wrap then you will need to make sure that the wrap you are working with can be heated. And if you can manually wrap the pallet tight enough then there won’t be a need to apply heat. Trunel Bag is the leading stretch film manufacturer in Gauteng offering the best stretch film prices.

Getting the most out of Pallet Wrap


At Trunel Bags, we offer our clients pallet wrap on a roll. This type of wrap is available in large quantities, making it easier for clients to wrap numerous pallets while saving money. This type of pallet wrap is applied manually so you have the opportunity to put as many layers as you feel are necessary to secure the pallets.

When starting the wrapping it is best to take the slow approach. This will prevent the wrap from tearing or stretching. Should tears or stretches appear in the plastic, the wrap will be weakened, something you don’t want. As the person doing the wrapping, you should start the wrapping at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Only wrap in one direction, this will help you make sure that you don’t miss any area. To make sure that the base of the pallet is properly secured you can wrap the pallet at least 4 or 5 times, paying extra attention to the corners.

Once you have wrapped up the entire pallet you can start thinking about applying heat, should the items need that extra bit of security. If you have wrapped the pallet securely, the heat won’t necessarily be needed.

With a wide range of bags, plastic packing and sheeting, Trunel Bags has many products for you to select. Each product is high-quality, guaranteeing that your package products are kept safe.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. Contact us today.

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