Tree Bags for Sale in Gauteng

What is a tree bag?

Typically, woven polypropylene is used in the production of tree bags. Polypropylene is a type of synthetic plastic polymer that is utilised frequently owing to the fact that it is strong, malleable, and transparent. Polypropylene bags are simple to move, affordable, strong, flexible, and resistant to dirt, dirt vapour, and moisture. Moreover, polypropylene bags are durable.

Newly planted trees and saplings benefit greatly from tree bags. They protect against both overwatering and underwatering, giving young trees a good head start.

Tree bags are absolutely safe to use, quite simple to clean, and extremely versatile in their application. The Trunel Bag tree bags are offered in a variety of sizes, and their sturdy handles make it possible for the bags to be moved around with relative ease.

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What are tree bags used for?

In the process of planting trees, a lot of work is spent tending to the roots. Roots have a crucial role because they allow plants to locate and absorb water and nutrients. Additionally, they serve as a backbone for the tree itself.

The thick, permeable fabric used to make tree bags not only provides excellent ventilation and drainage, but also fosters an atmosphere conducive to a process known as air pruning. If a plant's roots extend through the porous material of a grow bag and into the air, they will be scorched, unlike the circling that usually occurs at the bottom of a plastic container.

Roots are able to breathe thanks to the polypropylene fabric and there is less chance of waterlogging or overheating at the base of the plant.

How to use a tree bag

Grow bags are easily transportable, especially when equipped with robust handles. Trees grown in fabric containers or grow bags can be easily relocated to avoid direct sunlight or transported in a cool vehicle. Having a portable grow bag to shield your saplings from severe weather is a great idea.

Pick the appropriate bag size with sturdy straps and fill it with a layer of gravel. Learning what makes soil a truly nourishing and safe environment for plants is essential if you plan on using grow bags for tree planting.

Soil needs to have just the right amount of water, just the right amount of air, just the right amount of acidity, and just the right amount of all kinds of different creatures, like bacteria and fungi, to thrive.

Fill your container with good potting soil. Soil from your garden or the landscape around your home should preferably not be used in containers since it doesn't drain efficiently and can harbour pests and diseases. Because the plant bags are permeable, air can reach the roots which allows them to flourish because there is enough drainage and ventilation.

Small or newly transplanted trees in tree bags require regular watering, but this is especially important during the summer months when the soil is warm and the trees are actively growing. In excessive heat and wind, trees can die in as little as 10 days if they don't get any water or if it isn't applied properly. Watering effectively occurs when the root ball is completely soaked.

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