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Investment in exploration in Africa’s copper hotspots is on the rise again as a result of high global copper prices and growing demand, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Zambia receiving substantial capital funding and producers looking to revive copper mining in places like Uganda.

In 2021, overall African copper production reached 2.87 MMT. The Democratic Republic of the Congo produced 1.88 million metric tonnes of copper, making it the continent’s leading producer with Zambia producing over 880.8 metric tonnes of copper in second place.

According to GlobalData’s mines and projects database, more than 696 copper mines are operating worldwide, with 127 located in South Africa. South Africa’s largest copper output comes from the Palabora mine, which is situated near the Kruger National Park, about 360 kilometres north-east of Pretoria.

One ton copper ore transportation bags supplier presents its unique difficulties, therefore any haulier working with this material should prioritise efficient round trips, cargo safety, and cost reduction. The mining industry is increasingly opting for heavy-duty bulk bags as a cost-effective and high-quality packaging option. Transporting, storing, and processing mined products and mining waste is ideal for flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), which are constructed from long-lasting polypropylene.

Trunel Bags, based in South Africa, is aware of these difficulties and the many ways in which copper has contributed to the growth of several economic sectors on the African continent.

Our business takes pride in its long-standing support of the copper mining sector, where FIBCs have emerged as an indispensable norm. Our bulk bags can be used safely in both underground and open mines.

It is crucial to find packaging that can bear enormous weights and is flexible and robust so that commodities may be carried off mines without delay if FIBCs malfunction. Mining firms choose polypropylene since it is strong and can prevent the loss of valuable raw materials in the event of a package split.

Bags from Trunel Bags can carry anything from 5 kilogrammes to 2,000 kilogrammes, making them ideal for transporting heavy materials like copper ore. To ensure the highest quality of our Polyprop Bags, we put each raw material through rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art facilities.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. We also offer one ton cobalt transportation bags for sale. Trunel Bags is the #1 leading pallet wrap manufacturer in South Africa. Contact us today.

One ton Copper Ore transportation bags supplier in Gauteng


Bulk Bag Resilience and Durability

When compared to other packaging methods, FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) are capable of supporting far greater loads. Despite its low weight, our largest bulk bag can transport at up to two metric tonnes of Copper ore transportation bags. Our bulk bags are an excellent choice for transporting dense mining ore like boulders, sand, and muck. Materials can be efficiently transported to and from mines thanks to the ease with which Trunel Bulk Bags can be quickly loaded and stacked.

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Trunel Bags puts its FIBCs through extensive and frequent testing to establish their safe operating load. According to Section 43 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993), the Minister of Employment and Labour has Stipulated regulations for HCA in 2021. If you’re shipping a hazardous chemical, it is crucial that your packaging complies with the UN’s Transport of Dangerous Goods regulations, including those for packing and fastenings, or the UN’s International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. We provide ISO 21898 and IEC 61340 compliant bags, which are approved by the United Nations.

Polypropylene’s Dependability and Malleability


It is crucial that the packing of mined chemicals not cause any reactions. Polypropylene, the polymer used to make FICBs, has excellent resistance to chemicals, mould, and rust. Because of these qualities, polypropylene has found widespread application in numerous fields. Polypropylene’s inert qualities and durability make it ideal for packaging everything from medication to mining components.

Polypropylene is perfect for transporting mining ore and waste since it does not react to water, organic compounds, or chemical compounds. Polypropylene’s inertness makes it a good fit for this sector. It can withstand greater abuse than other types of packing, lasts longer, and is less likely to deteriorate due to moisture or rust than steel containers.

Since polypropylene is so resilient and tough, bulk bags can be used repeatedly without tearing. FIBCs can be modified with the inclusion of liners to increase their resistance to moisture and wear and tear. FIBCs have an advantage over other packaging methods since they can withstand the extreme conditions found on mining sites.

Bulk Bag Protection Features


Heavy metals, ores, and rocks are no match for woven polypropylene. Our bulk bags have strengthened loops and straps so they may be lifted and stacked without difficulty. This reduces potential hazards to employees and makes it so that raw materials can be handled without incident.

Mines are noisy, chaotic workplaces where complex gear and tools are employed to extract valuable minerals and metals from the earth. Copper ore transportation Bulk bags are typically moved using heavy gear like diggers, trucks, loaders, and forklifts. The material used to construct FIBCs must be robust and not readily perforated. Polypropylene can endure the abrasiveness of rocks and metals, making it ideal for use in the severe environments prevalent on mining sites.

Compliance with safety regulations and protocols is crucial to the productive operation of any mine. Selecting a bulk bag that is up to the task is essential since flimsy packaging poses a safety risk. The FIBCs made by Trunel Bags are designed to protect workers during bag filling, transportation, and stacking, and to maintain the integrity of mined commodities. Our bulk bags adhere to the stringent safety standards demanded by the mining industry.

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