Bulk Bags for Sale in Johannesburg at the Best Prices!


The bulk bags we manufacture are made of Polypropylene material which is tested, in up to standard testing facilities to ensure strong, reliable bags ready to help you, the customer with a packaging product enhancing and helping your business going forward.

We specialise in manufacturing bulk bags in Johannesburg. We make sure that the bags are manufactured up to standard and are also clean. We have quality controllers at the end of each production line cutting clean each bag of foreign material and double-checking the stitching quality of each bag.

Below are the different types of bulk bags for sale in Johannesburg. We help with the handling and storing aspect of your material and production system in your business.

We also specialise in plastic bags in Johannesburg. We are also well-known for being the best pallet wrap manufacturers in Gauteng. We also deliver top-quality silage sheeting for sale.

Why Trunel is a Reliable Plastic Bag Supplier in Johannesburg


At Trunel Bags, we stock several different bags which suit several uses. Our stock includes not only plastic bags for packing groceries but also tougher bags for carrying heavier items. It is easy to forget that plastic bags have plenty of benefits. The plastic bags industry is as busy as ever, with more and more clients looking for quality bags. In addition to your regular grocery bags, we also offer tough, thick bags.

Why Should You Buy Plastic Bag in Johannesburg?


Bulk plastic bags are a must if you are a shop owner. Giving your customers the option of choosing to take a bag can increase your reputation as a company that cares for its customers. Buying your plastic bags in Johannesburg in bulk will benefit you greatly as you will not only be saving money but you will also not have to worry about running short of bags. Buying in bulk allows you to plan ahead and always supply the bags that you need.

Plastic bags have been around for more than 50 years and their main advantages are their affordability, ease of use, and convenience. They are a must-have for any shop. Since they are durable and easy to carry, your customers are going to appreciate having them. Plastic bags are also far cheaper than paper bags.

Plastic bags can be easily packed away, taking up a minimal amount of space and they are easy to pack. With different strengths of bags to choose from, depending on your industry, you’re sure to find the right bag.

These plastic bags for sale can also be personalised to match your company as not only are the bags available in a variety of colours but they can also have your designs printed on them. Our plastic bags for sale in Johannesburg area are tough enough to be branded. The ability to have your plastic bags personalised can become a part of your marketing campaign and be rather successful in keeping people reminded about your company. Branded plastic bags will also become a representative of your company, with people seeing the branded bags carried by your customers and perhaps being encouraged to support your business.

Trunel type of bags
1. Duffel Top:

The Duffel Top option makes it possible for the user to open the bag at the top as wide as the bag itself and close the top of the bag again using a drawcord protecting the product inside again.


2. Top Spout:

We can add a spout or circular tube at the top of the bag to help you with your filling process of the bag. The top spout opens and closes with a drawcord attached to the top/filling spout.

Not only do businesses find that plastic bags work better than any other bag, but shoppers are also enjoying the convenience. In many ways, cloth bags are the way to go and in some cases, paper bags are still used, but plastic bags have two big advantages.


  1. Plastic bags remain a lot more durable than their counterparts. Depending on the bag that you buy, they will not tear easily and they can be conveniently used in wet weather.
  2. Plastic bags are versatile and their uses go beyond simply carrying shopping. They can be recycled and used in a variety of different ways.
  3. Ready to buy your bulk bags in Johannesburg? You can rely on Trunel Bags to supply you with the very best plastic packaging bags and other bulk bag products.
Trunel discharging options
1. Bottom Spout:

The Bottom Spout is a circular or round tube through where the product in the bag is discharged out from at the bottom. The circular spout is tied/closed with a drawcord. There are two different sizes of circular spouts.

The standard 30cm one and then the large 42cm spout. The large 42cm spout is manufactured to allow the product in the bag to discharge more easily and quicker and helps the “out flow” with a very fine product.


2. Full Bottom Discharge:

The Full Bottom Discharge bottom is manufactured and makes it possible for the whole bottom of the bag to open and “fall away” by untying the ski rope/drawcord.

This method of manufacturing the bottom of the bulk bag is used where the product/material is not able to flow through the spout circular bottom because of the product inside physical properties.


3. Petal Bottom:

We manufacture a panel at the bottom of the bulk bag to tuck away the circular tubular spout inside the bag so that the spout doesn’t hang out underneath the bag and damage on the floor/ground when transported or moved around.

Why you should Consider Trunel as your Plastic Bags Manufacturer in Johannesburg


Buying plastic bags in Johannesburg for sale in bulk means that you always have bags available when you need them. It also means that you are going to save your money and time by not having to worry about buying individual bags whenever you run out. Buying bags in bulk, at reasonable prices, is what every farmer should be doing.

With our agricultural packaging, you can choose from a variety of colours. This means that you can contrast the colour of your produce with the colour of your packaging to make it stand out, or you can match the colours. In addition to their versatility, our vegetable bags come in a variety of colours.

As mentioned before, the size and the style of the bags is an important aspect. Regardless of what it is that you are packing and transporting, you need to make sure that each of your crops is successfully transported to their destination. The best way that you can be certain of this is to make sure that you buy the right packaging. Our plastic bags are available at the best prices at Trunel Bags, and our products are of the highest quality.

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