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We specialise in manufacturing bulk bags in Pretoria. We are also well known for being the best plastic bag manufacturers in Gauteng. You might be interested in our other products, including our vegetable bags for sale.


Plastic Bags Pretoria – The Bags of Success


Silage sheeting from Trunel is a perfect fit to retain moisture over large surface areas and keep sunlight away from precious products. Plastic bags and strong bulk bags are a different story altogether. You can trust us as your leading plastic bag manufacturer in Pretoria. You can contact us for more information or even request a quote.

When it comes to the term plastic bags, the term is too broad to tell us exactly what we are looking at. There is a variety of plastic bag options that can be considered when the term ‘plastic bags’ is concerned.

If you are looking for sturdy bulk bag options we can help you out. We offer large and smaller polypropylene bags for bulk packaging and our bags can carry anything from 12, 5k to 1,5 tons. The bags are supplied in bulk and we have a range of options you can choose from.

Trunel type of bags
1. Duffel Top:

The Duffel Top option makes it possible for the user to open the bag at the top as wide as the bag itself and close the top of the bag again using a drawcord protecting the product inside again.


2. Top Spout:

We can add a spout or circular tube at the top of the bag to help you with your filling process of the bag. The top spout opens and closes with a drawcord attached to the top/filling spout.

What Benefits are there when it comes to Plastic Bags?


When it comes to plastic bags, there are a bunch of benefits that come with purchasing plastic bags. At Trunel, you can get virgin or recycled high-quality bulk bags in Pretoria which can be used in various applications. The plastic we supply is sturdy and can handle stresses quite well and can be used outdoors or indoors to protect products from the weather, more specifically the rain and sun.

When others think of Plastic Bags, there is an immediate association with the shopping bags we use every day when we exit a large retailer. Your everyday shopping bag is made of polyethylene and this is also a type of plastic that some of our products consist of.

The bags you use are convenient and strong, much stronger than their paper equivalents and this is often why people in Pretoria decide to go the route of plastic bags in bulk. At Trunel, you can find a large assortment of plastic bag options to choose from, whether recycled or virgin and in different microns.

Trunel discharging options
1. Bottom Spout:

The Bottom Spout is a circular or round tube through where the product in the bag is discharged out from at the bottom. The circular spout is tied/closed with a drawcord. There are two different sizes of circular spouts.

The standard 30cm one and then the large 42cm spout. The large 42cm spout is manufactured to allow the product in the bag to discharge more easily and quicker and helps the “out flow” with a very fine product.


2. Full Bottom Discharge:

The Full Bottom Discharge bottom is manufactured and makes it possible for the whole bottom of the bag to open and “fall away” by untying the ski rope/drawcord.

This method of manufacturing the bottom of the bulk bag is used where the product/material is not able to flow through the spout circular bottom because of the product inside physical properties.


3. Petal Bottom:

We manufacture a panel at the bottom of the bulk bag to tuck away the circular tubular spout inside the bag so that the spout doesn’t hang out underneath the bag and damage on the floor/ground when transported or moved around.

Did you know we Supply the Following?


Well, they have a high resistance capacity to use and fatigue even if it is on an ongoing basis, whether our bags stretch or contract repeatedly, or the weight they carry is changed. The visual effect of having see-through/translucent bulk bags is evident, as mentioned previously. Apart from being manufactured translucent, these bags can also be manufactured in a variety of different colours.

Under the term plastic bags, pallet wrap (stretch film) is also one of the products that we offer. This packaging solution tightly wraps around your product, and in so doing, binds your products together, which makes for a more stable load that is easily transported and handled during the supply chain process. As with any of our products, you have few options to choose from.

When considering the term bulk bags, not many people immediately assume vegetable bags. You use them every day and usually, they contain things like butternut or potatoes. Vegetable bags are big business and come in two varieties, one is knitted and the other is called a loom bag, both are used in the agricultural sector.

Knitted and loom bags work well for this sector and any vegetables can be easily packaged in this material. At Trunel, you can purchase knitted and loom bags from 7 to 25 kg bags. Whether you’re looking for strong bulk bags, packaging products, or plastic bags in Pretoria, you’ve come to the right place.

Why we are Considered the Best Plastic Bag Manufacturers in Pretoria


Buying bulk plastic bags means you always have bags available when you need them. It also means that you are going to save your money and time by not having to worry about buying individual bags whenever you run out. Buying bags in bulk, at reasonable plastic bag prices, is what every farmer should be doing.

Our agricultural packaging is designed in several colours, giving you a bit of variety in your packaging. This means that you can contrast the colour of your produce with the colour of your packaging to make it stand out, or you can match the colours. But the versatility of our vegetable bags is not limited to the colour.

As mentioned before, the size and the style of the bags is an important aspect. Regardless of what it is that you are packing and transporting, you need to make sure that each of your crops is successfully transported to their destination. The best way that you can be certain of this is to make sure that you buy the right packaging. With Trunel Bags, you can be sure to get the very best quality products and our plastic bags are available at the best prices.

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