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The Copper Industry in South Africa is thriving. With $264M worth of Copper Ore exports in 2021, South Africa ranked as the world’s #30 largest Copper Ore exporter. In the same year, Copper Ore ranked as South Africa’s No. 57 most popular export. South Africa mostly ships its Copper Ore to China ($205M), Mozambique ($43.1M), Australia ($4.39M), Cambodia ($3.7M), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo ($3.24M).

Copper Ore exports from South Africa in August 2023 totalled R986M, while imports totalled R113k, for a trade surplus of R986M. Copper ore exports from South Africa climbed by R659M (202%) from R327M to R986M between August 2022 and August 2023, while imports increased by R111k (8.93k%) from R1.25M to R113M.

Copper ore transportation is a complex undertaking that calls for experience and precision. Successful hauliers in this crucial field put a premium on short turnaround times, secure cargo, and low operating costs. Heavy-duty bulk bags are becoming increasingly popular in the mining industry as a sturdy packaging solution. When it comes to transporting copper, you need Trunel Bags, the industry standard for reliable and cost-effective packaging solutions.

South African innovator Trunel Bags understands the complexities of transporting copper and the vital role that copper plays in boosting Africa’s economy.

Trunel Bag’s two ton copper ore transportation bags for sale are standard in underground and open-pit copper mines, and the company takes great pride in this fact. Our goal is to supply packaging that is not only strong enough to carry heavy loads but also adaptable enough to accommodate any obstacles that may arise during transit.

The preferred material, polypropylene, has outstanding strength and prevents the waste of precious ingredients in the event of package breakage. Our bulk bags can hold anywhere from five to two thousand kilogrammes, making them ideal for shipping heavy goods like copper ore. We only use the finest raw materials, which are put through extensive testing in our cutting-edge labs.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. We also offer two ton nickel transportation bags for sale. Trunel Bags has the best produce bags for sale and plastic sheeting prices in South Africa. Contact us today.

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Polypropylene Excellence


Trunel Bag’s bulk bags are constructed from woven polypropylene, which is extremely resistant to boulders, ores, and other heavy materials. The reinforced loops and straps make lifting and stacking simple, reducing the risk of injury to workers and ensuring that the raw materials are handled safely and without incident

One Ton Nickel Transportation Bags for Sale

Trunel Bag’s bulk bags are built to withstand the rigorous conditions of mines, where powerful machinery is ubiquitous. They are perfect for the rough circumstances found on mining sites as the polypropylene construction protects against the abrasiveness of rocks and metals.

In mining, safety comes first, and following the rules is an absolute must. The FIBCs manufactured by Trunel Bag are carefully crafted to prevent damage to the mined goods during filling, transport, and stacking. Our bulk bags meet all of the safety requirements set by the mining sector, guaranteeing a risk-free and effective process.

They make loading and unloading quick and straightforward because efficiency is a priority. When it comes to transporting copper ore, Trunel Bags are the gold standard because of how effectively they combine durability, safety, and functionality.

Trunel Bags places a premium on adaptability in order to satisfy your specific packaging requirements. We have the know-how to fulfil your needs, whether they involve unique components or a custom layout. Take advantage of Trunel Bags’s bulk bags for sale in Gauteng and see for yourself why we’re the country’s go-to provider of two ton copper ore bulk bags. Get in touch with us right now and let’s change the way you ship copper ore forever.



Our products and services feature superior technical specifications.

Proximity Advantage: Having it made and stored close by means it can be delivered to you quickly and on schedule, giving you the proximity advantage.

Innovative Features: Our two Tone Copper Ore Bulk Bags are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that make handling, storing, and transporting them simple and secure.

Risk Mitigation: Reducing potential harm from activities like shipping, warehousing, and handling shows that we value safety in the workplace.

Mineral Quality Protection: Maximise safeguarding of mineral quality, to prevent contamination to demonstrate our commitment to upholding product purity.

Physical Damage Defense: Protect the product inside from being physically harmed so that it can be delivered in pristine shape.

UN-Approved Bags: Bags that have been authorised by the United Nations fulfil the highest international quality and safety standards, including ISO 21898 and IEC 61340.

Quality Control Excellence: Relax knowing that our in-house international Quality Department has outstanding quality control in place to ensure accuracy and dependability.

Knowledge and Experience: To guarantee the highest industry standards and expertise in every facet of our solutions, we draw on the substantial knowledge and experience of our devoted manufacturing facilities and trusted production partners.

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