Silage Sheeting for Sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng


What is Silage Sheeting?


Trunel’s silage sheeting for sale is the answer for protecting your silage and ensuring a good quality feed underneath. Choose between normal black silage sheeting, 8 x 50 m (150 microns) and black and white silage sheeting, 16 – 50 m (150 – 250 microns).

We also offer UN bag certification. Trunel Bags has the best plastic sheeting prices and produce bags for sale in South Africa.

How Much do you know about Silage Sheeting?


If you haven’t heard of silage sheeting for sale you might find that it is one of the packaging products that you have been missing out on. On the other hand, if you haven’t heard of Silex sheeting before it probably has to do with the fact that silage sheeting has another name which is silicone sheeting.

A product that is used in many industries, silage sheeting is quite a useful product. Silage sheeting comes in a variation of sizes, thicknesses and colours. While the term silicone sheeting Johannesburg is often used in the medical industry, silex sheeting is something that is not used for packaging but is rather designed to be used in large sheets. And this sheeting has become very useful in the agricultural industry.

silage sheeting for sale Gauteng

Silage for Working Farms


Farmers working with livestock are always looking for new ways to keep their animal feed fresh. And they have found an interesting solution with this particular type of sheeting. Silex is fantastic for when you want to keep light and airway from a product, which is why farmers have been known to cover their fodder with a layer of silex sheeting.

Because of its durable properties, silex will not tear and is resistant to pretty much anything you throw at it. This tough silage sheeting Johannesburg is ideal for use on the farm, where it will be getting plenty of wear.

Unlike other sheeting, which can be damaged when left under the sun permanently, silex sheeting is UV resistant. And because it is available in long, wide sheets, it can cover large areas on the farm.

Fresh fodder is needed to ensure that your animals produce the highest quality products. Whether farming with animals destined to become food, or if you are farming with dairy animals, having quality, fresh fodder is very important.

Fodder is not something that is going to be bought in small quantities. The most affordable way to purchase fodder is to do so in bulk, but then the fodder needs to be kept fresh.

South Africa experiences dry weather often leading to droughts, often making it difficult to grow feed for the animals. And even if the feed is grown on the farm, it also needs to be kept safe from decaying elements after it has been harvested. This is why silex sheeting has become such an important feature on farms with livestock.

Helping farmers save money and helping them ensure that their animals always have enough quality feed is much desired on any farm.

Turnel Bags is helping farmers, and businesses in other industries, to save money and protect whatever they need to be protecting. The products that we sell are versatile and durable, giving you many options to choose from.

Trunel Bags also sells pallet wrap, polyprop bags, and bulk plastic bags for sale to companies in and around Johannesburg and beyond. You can contact us today to find out more about how our products can assist you.

There are many more ways, in which we can manufacture your bag to suit your packaging needs. Contact us today.

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