Buy high-quality Bulk Bags in Gabon and polypropylene bags in Gabon

Polypropylene Bags vs Polyethylene Bags
Buy high-quality Bulk Bags in Ethiopia and polypropylene bags in Ethiopia
June 28, 2019
Polypropylene Bags vs Polyethylene Bags
Buy high-quality Bulk Bags in Gambia and polypropylene bags in the Gambia
June 28, 2019
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Polypropylene Bags vs Polyethylene Bags

Businesses in Gabon can benefit from the best and biggest selection of bulk bags and polypropylene bags when working with Trunel Bags.

Duffel top and top spout polypropylene bag

Our pink duffle top polypropylene bag and white top spout bulk bags distributed across Gabon.

We specialize in the manufacturing of durable polypropylene bagsvegetable bags, and plastic bags, along with silage sheetingpallet wrap, and plastic sheetingWe supply our exceptional range of bulk bag products throughout the continent and to Gabon in particular. Although we are based in South Africa, our products and the delivery thereof, know no borders.

Trunel Bags has more than 10 years of industry experience after being founded in 2008 by Christo Nel. We place a lot of emphasis on providing sturdy, reliable products, a friendly and knowledgeable service, quick delivery and great pricing. We’ve built up our infrastructure to ensure that we are more than capable of meeting our client’s needs and expectations so that we can become their number 1 bulk bags suppliers.

Bulk vegetable bag

We are manufacturers and suppliers of strong bulk vegetable bags in Gabon.

Our client base is as diverse and as interesting as our selection of products. Our customers come from the mining, farming, food packaging, and milling industries but we are by no means confined to those sectors. We are more than capable of helping clients in other industries as well.

Clear plastic bulk bags

Our company produces high-quality clear plastic bulk bags that undergo a quality check before distribution takes place.

Bulk Bags in Gabon

When it comes to manufacturing, packaging and delivering bulk bags in Gabon we are the team to turn to. Our bulk bags are made according to industry standards and they are tested for durability and reliability before they are sold. This ensures that you get the very best packaging products, removing any worries about the packaging breaking and causing damage to your products.

Throughout each step of the production process, we have a quality control team to ensure that the bags are industry compliant and free from any foreign materials that might compromise the stitching of the bags and therefore, the reliability.

The top of the bulk bags can be closed using one of two options. The first option is the Duffel Top which allows the user to open the top of the bag as wide as the bag itself allows, with no space going to waste. The bag is then conveniently closed by tying the drawcord attached to the duffel top, to protect the product within.

Baobab Tree in Gabon

Trunel Bags manufactures bulk bags produced from natural materials in Gabon to ensure strong, sturdy goods.

The other closing option attached to the top of the bag is the Top Spout. With this method, a circular tube is placed at the top of the bag and it is used to quickly and easily fill the bag without worrying about the product being damaged or getting contaminated inside. Once the product is in the bag, a drawcord is used to close the spout by tying it.

We have three bottom options on the bulk bags namely:

  • The closed option (permanent)
  • The bottom spout option
  • The full bottom discharge option.

We can design any logo or content to be printed in-house on your bulk bags.

We have a selection of bulk bags in Gabon and we can assist you in finding the ideal one for your unique packaging needs.

white and blue polypropylene bags

Keep all of your products stored safely in our polypropylene bags. Request your bulk bags to be manufactured in different colours.

Polypropylene Bags in Gabon

Our durable polypropylene bags have numerous uses and they are made from extra strong, woven materials, which is exactly why they are sometimes referred to as woven bags. These bags are ideal when transporting products or storing products, and you find yourself in need of something stronger than the usual plastic. These bags are also quite aesthetically pleasing, which means they won’t become an eyesore, regardless of whether they end up in a storefront or a warehouse.

A Marula tree standing around brown grass in Gabon

Each polypropylene bag consists of materials intertwined inspired by the tree branches in Gabon, to securely store products.

Polypropylene bags are more than capable of storing both fine and dense products, depending on the thickness of the weave and whether or not the bag has been correctly laminated. The lamination consists of the bag being covered in a thin plastic layer with the layer being attached to the woven bag using a specific heating process.

These bags are also fantastic for those wanting to feature their logo or other company information. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bags while it is also a wonderful marketing technique.

And then there is the versatility of the bags. Available in all shapes, sizes and even colours, clients can choose from all kinds of bags in order to find the one ideal for their business needs. Bag weights vary from 5kgs to as much as 2000kgs, which is what makes them so ideal for farming and milling industries.

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Save on costs and time

When buying in bulk you can do both. Bulk bags for sale in Gabon offer the perfect way for you to plan well ahead without the worry about running out of the packaging and delaying your production process.

When buying in bulk, the overall costs are reduced and this will help you to save on your buying costs.

And of course, the planning process for both parties will be simplified.

If you are using this packaging for products, your clients will also enjoy the benefits. Bulk packaged products allow clients to buy in the exact quantities that they need, which reduces their costs as well as the possibility of product going to waste.

Buy your bags and other packaging from Trunel Bags

Our priority is to provide a good, accurate service and products of the highest quality which guarantees that you will get the packaging you need when you need it. We can organise customise product quantities as well as delivery, all you need to do is contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Our industry experience when it comes to the manufacturing of affordable bulk bags and polypropylene bags means you can achieve your business goals and cater to your specific client needs. Allow us to help you. Contact Trunel Bags today for more information and for a custom quotation.

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