How Our Products Contribute to SA’s Agricultural Sector

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December 14, 2022
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February 7, 2023
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how our products contribute to south africa's agricultural sector

In this blog, we discuss how our products contribute to South Africa’s Agricultural Sector.

The outlook for South Africa’s agricultural sector in 2023 is not encouraging. When the numbers for gross agricultural value added in 2022 are revealed in March, they will likely indicate a slight decline from the previous year. This would be a dramatic change from the previous two years, when the industry grew by 14.9% and 8.8%, respectively.

However, Trunel Bags continues to support South African farmers and agro-industries with high-quality products that have been designed specifically for improved transport and storage of produce.

You might be interested in our range of products, including weed mats, tree bags, and polypropylene bags for sale.

vegetable bags

Bulk bags, plastic bags, polypropylene bags, and sheeting are all products that Trunel Bags excels at supplying to customers all throughout South Africa. We carry a wide variety of plastic sheets, silage sheets, and pallet wrap, as well as new and misprinted polypropylene, plastic, knitted, and woven veggie bags. Tree sacks and weed matting are two more products we offer.

Bulk Bags

When it comes to South Africa’s agriculture sector, bulk bags, or FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), can play an important role in a number of ways.

Bulk bags are a practical and economical way to transport and store bulk quantities of agricultural goods like grains, seeds, fertilizer, and animal feed. They can carry up to 2,000 kg of product, are reusable, and can save money and time for farmers and agricultural businesses.

Because bulk bags may be used more than once, they produce less trash than single-use plastic bags, which is good for the environment and cheap for farmers.

Bulk bags are constructed to seal out air, moisture, and dust, all of which can degrade agricultural products during storage and transit. This helps to keep the product quality high. They are an adaptable choice for farmers and agricultural businesses due to their ability to store a wide range of agricultural items, including grains, seeds, fertilizers, and animal feed.

Compared to other storage and transport choices like barrels, sacks, and pallets, they are more affordable, making them more widely available to small-scale farmers.

Plastic bags

There are many ways in which the agriculture industry in South Africa can benefit from the use of clear and recycled plastic bags:

  • In terms of packing costs, clear and recycled plastic bags are often less expensive than new bags, which is great news for small and large-scale farmers.
  • With their long lifespan and resistance to moisture, pests, and other environmental variables, plastic bags are an excellent choice for storing and transporting agricultural products.
  • Clear plastic bags can be reused numerous times before they wear out, cutting down on waste and saving on materials.
  • The use of recycled plastic bags is sustainable since it helps to lessen the amount of plastic trash in the environment, which is good for both farmers and the planet.
  • Clear plastic bags allow farmers to see what’s inside, which aids in inventory management and lessens the likelihood of perishable goods going bad.

Pallet wrap

In order to safely transport agricultural goods in South Africa, pallet wrap or stretch film is an absolute necessity. It is a great aid in:

  • Protecting crops and other agricultural products from damage while in transit or storage. It can protect goods from environmental hazards like moisture, dust, and insects, keeping them in pristine condition all the way through the distribution network.
  • Pallet wrap or stretch film can be used to stabilize loads and keep goods from moving around on pallets while being transported. Damage is less likely to occur, and employees are safer if this is implemented.
  • Pallet wrap is a cost-effective method of safeguarding and transporting perishable agricultural goods.
  • It is reusable, which means cutting down on waste and saving money.
  • The clear stretch film allows farmers to see their goods, which aids with inventory management and lessens the likelihood of perishables going bad.
  • Easy application means less time spent wrapping pallets and less money spent on labor.

Vegetable bags

No matter what kind of vegetables you plan on selling in South Africa, our knitted and woven bags (agricultural packaging) are the perfect packaging solution for you. We provide a variety of produce bags ranging in weight from 7 to 25 kilograms.

Vegetable bags are a great option for farmers in South Africa because of many factors:

  • Preserve the freshness and flavor of your produce while transporting and storing them in a veggie bag. Products can be kept in pristine condition from the time they leave the packhouse to the time they reach the consumer’s hands.
  • Our vegetable bags are made to enable ventilation, which can aid in keeping the vegetables fresh for longer. This has the potential to extend the product’s shelf life.
  • Improved inventory control and decreased spoilage can result from transparent vegetable bags, which allow farmers to quickly and easily assess the contents of each bag.
  • In terms of price, vegetable bags are often less expensive than other packaging choices, which can be a windfall for farmers.

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