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June 25, 2019
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Polypropylene Bags also known as Woven Bags. These Bags, because of the strong material that it is manufactured (woven) with, is a very strong way of transporting and storing various products inside of the strong aesthetic clean bags. The Thickness of the manufacturing “woven” material is measured in GSM (grams per square meter). The heavier the product inside the bags or the more robust structure of the product that is inserted in the bags determines the thickness (gsm) of the material that it is manufactured of land needs to be manufactured of.

The testing of the Polypropylene (Polyprop) material is performed in an up to standard testing facility weighing each time the exact same size of Polyprop material. The different weights of the exact same size material samples indicates the thickness, in other words, the GSM of the Polyprop material. Polypropylene material can also be UV treated which will enable the bags to last longer in direct sunlight where the bag material is exposed to UV damage.

In the case where a very fine product is being inserted inside of the woven (Polyprop) bag and the product itself may be filtering through the “woven”  material the solution to stop the product from filtering through will be to laminate (treat) the Polyprop Bag material. Lamination of the Polyprop Bag material is where the “woven” Polyprop material is covered with a plastic layer and the layer is attached to the “woven” material with a heat process which prevents any product to filter through the bag itself.

Polypropylene (Polyprop) Bags are suited for the printing of customer logos of any kind of design or print which the customer would prefer. There are two methods of labeling a bag with a logo or print and they are either normal printing or BOPP printing. Normal printing is where normal ink is applied to a raw Polypropylene Bag without any additional plastic layer and so on. Bags can in both types of printing be printed on the front and on the back / reverse side of the bag.

BOPP printing is where the logo/print is printed on a plastic layer and again with a heat sealing process attached permanently to the Polyprop Bag. the advantage with the BOPP printing is that the quality of the logo/print is very high standard and almost the same quality of a real live photo finish. An example of BOPP method printing is the dog food bags with the dog in front looking like a real dog itself in photo quality. The disadvantage of the BOPP method of printing is that this method is much more expensive than the plain or conventional method.

The plain/conventional printing of Polypropylene “woven” Bags is the most cost efficient method of printing with the quality of the print not of that high quality as BOPP method of printing. We normally suggest to customers just starting a new business to start using the plain/conventional method which is not that much expensive and on a later stage as their finances grow to consider the BOPP printing method which will also help the marketing of their product through the better quality logo on their packaging.

The Polypropylene Bags is manufactured in different sizes to contain different weights of products inside of the bags which is determined by the customer’s needs. The different weights for which the bags are being manufactured varies from 5kg and goes up to 2000kg weight capacity per bag.

Our smaller size (5kg-80kg) Polyprop Bags are cut into various sizes with on opening left open and the other stitched closed. Our Polypropylene Bulkbags which varies from a 400kg capacity to 2000kg capacity is manufactured accordingly to the client’s specific needs. We strive to make our bags in a preferred way according to the customer needs to in effect help the customer’s production system by simplifying and optimizing their packaging process.

Our Bulkbags have different manufacturing options for the top of the bag and again for the bottom/end of the bag. The top of the bag can be open or closed by different option closures as well as the bottom of the bag again, helping with the discharging of the product inside of the bag. It comes down to us, the manufacturer, of Polypropylene Bags to use our knowledge and expertise and caring about your business to give you, the client, an effective and good quality Polypropylene Bag product, helping you to sell, store and transport your products accordingly to your needs.

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