What is a Polypropylene Bag Used for?

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How Polypropylene Bags are Made
September 7, 2022
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Why Choose a Secondhand One-Ton Bulk Bag?
September 7, 2022
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Are you looking to buy durable polypropylene bags? Do you also want to know what is a polypropylene bag used for? Well, look no further! Trunel Bags is the number one supplier of high-quality polypropylene bags in the country. Trunel Bags is a leading supplier of un bag certification. We also offer secondhand bulk bags as well as silage sheeting.

What is a Polypropylene Bag Used for?

Because they are sturdy, inexpensive, and versatile, woven polypropylene bags are frequently used for packing a range of products. Strips of polypropylene are woven tightly to create an exceptionally tough material for a polypropylene bag. To finish the bag, the bottom side of the bag is sewed shut.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that has a wide range of commercial, industrial, agricultural industries, especially in the packaging business. Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, used to produce everything from reusable shopping bags to sandbags. 


In the agricultural industry alone, polypropylene bags are used to store and transport products such as feeds, fruits, and vegetables. Top examples of polypropylene bags in the agricultural field are fertilizer bags, vegetable woven bags, and fruit mesh bags.

Tourism and transport 

Polypropylene woven bags can be used to make temporary tents, sunshades, and a variety of travel bags. Another great use for these bags in the tourism and transport industry is using them as fences too.

Food Industry 

It is becoming quite common to find that food is being packaged in woven polypropylene bags. Polypropylene (PP) is a strong material that is less brittle than other plastic packaging options. 

Polypropylene has a high melting point, making it ideal for food packaging that is microwaved or cleaned in dishwashers. Polypropylene bags, unlike other types of plastic bags, can be used to store food items such as herbs. Rice woven bags, flour, and maize woven bags are all common food woven bags.

Other Uses for Polypropylene Bags 

As a replacement for plastic or paper bags, reusable shopping bags, such as polypropylene woven bags, are practical, durable, and good for the environment. For businesses trying to promote their brand, this delivers a high level of marketability too. 

The reusable polypropylene bags are great for customers to use as shopping bags because they can last for years on end. 

One of the most interesting facts to know about woven bags is that they are one of the most popular choices for a shopping bag across the world. Polypropylene is a good material for shopping bags since it is long-lasting and can be reused. It’s also tough and lightweight, making it easy to transport and not weighing you down.

Please contact the team at Trunel Bags if you are a distributor in need of woven polypropylene bags. We have a large selection of styles and sizes to pick from. The polypropylene bags available at Trunel Bags can be used for packaging anything weighing from 12.5kg to 1.5tons. If you would like to find out more about this product, and others available on offer, be sure to visit our store today for more information. Our team is ready to assist you with all your polypropylene bag needs. 

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