Why Choose a Secondhand One-Ton Bulk Bag?

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Benefits of Polypropylene Bags for the Agricultural Industry
September 7, 2022
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Why Choose Secondhand Bulk Bags?
September 7, 2022
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Why choose a secondhand one-ton bulk bag

Weaved polypropylene bags are often used for packing a variety of products since they are strong, affordable, and adaptable. They are made from strips of polypropylene that are tightly woven together to form an extraordinarily strong material for the transportation of loose commodities, nationally and internationally.

Agriculture mining/recycling is one of the most common industries that utilise bulk bags. Bulk bags are extremely useful in the agriculture industry since they may be used for a wide range of purposes ranging from crop storage and transportation to seed and fertiliser storage and transportation.

Using bulk bags on the farm saves time and money. Their benefits are numerous as they can carry up to thousand times their own weight and take up little space when they need to be stored. Agriculture has become a much more efficient and less wasteful industry because of improved weed control, fertiliser, seeds, strategies, and making the best of recycling opportunities. Trunel Bags is a leading supplier of one ton cobalt transportation bags for sale. We also offer two ton cobalt transportation bags for sale as well as tree bags for sale.

What are the benefits of using a secondhand one-ton bulk bag for Farming, Mining & Recycling?

Saving money

This is especially true if you use a lot of bulk bags that can now be reused instead of replaced after one use. Waste and spillage have often been detrimental to a farmer’s bottom line. While a secondhand bag may not have the same quality as a new one, most suppliers have meticulous quality assurance testing of the bags to ensure the industry standard is maintained.


Bulk bags in themselves have contributed a great deal to making farming operations more efficient and less labour intensive. Storage and transportation of agricultural goods are made easier with the use of bulk bags. It is possible for farmers to use them to do a wide range of daily duties and activities more quickly and efficiently because of their adaptability, durability as well as application properties. They can also be refurbished and so add to the versatility and longevity of their use.

Using a secondhand bulk bag reduces waste and packaging costs by eliminating the need for many smaller sacks, saves time, and is less labour intensive.


Bulk bags assist farmers in the collection, organisation, shipping, and distribution of their resources and crops, which might include everything from vegetables and grains to fertilisers and pesticides as well as mining products or recycling purposes.

Bulk bags can be closed to protect the product inside. In the same way, these bags will protect your product from rodent infestations, insects’ other pests, and pesticides that could have dire consequences on your operations.

Good for the environment

By using secondhand bulk bags, you invest in sustainable environmental practices and the protection of the planet. Most bulk bags on the market are recyclable. Using secondhand bags eases environmental pressure associated with the mass production of new products.

Once the secondhand bags have run their course they can be collected, reprocessed, and recycled. Because bulk bags are made of polypropylene, they can be recycled to make other plastic products. Also, bulk bags used for potentially contaminating products such as chemicals and construction materials, herbicides and pesticides can be repurposed if they are separated into relevant recycling grades.

Industries that Benefit most by Using One-Ton Trunel Bags

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The agriculture industry benefits greatly from the use of bulk bags. The safe transportation of agricultural products destined for livestock feed, animal food, or human consumption is made possible thanks to chemical-free bags that have been certified safe for food products. Bulk bags are also used for seed and crop storage and transportation, as well as fertiliser storage and transportation. One-ton bags are ideal for flours, grains, and other dry agricultural items like coffee beans and peanuts because of the large product volume.

Food industry

Woven polypropylene bags are increasingly being used to package food. Packaging made of polypropylene (PP) is more durable than packaging made of other plastics, and it is less brittle.

To use polypropylene in the microwave or dishwasher-safe packaging, you need a high melting point. Food woven bags are often used to move and store flour, maize, and rice.

Chemical industry

A range of bulk bag alternatives is available for chemical industry products, including those that can be utilised to transport hazardous compounds while minimising the risk of static shock. Pharmaceuticals and other dry, non-reactive chemical powders can also be transported in bulk bags. Because of the precarious nature of chemical materials, bulk bags are rated to specific standards and generally categorised as Types C and D.

Type C is made of non-conductive polypropylene fabric and has a grounding point. Type D bags are made of antistatic and static dissipative fabric, which helps to prevent sparks and discharges from occurring.

Construction and mining

Bulk bags are an excellent tool for any organisation that deals with large or unusually shaped loads. The number of raw materials needed to complete a construction project or product output in a mining operation is frequently of considerable size. Bulk bags provide the strength, flexibility, and sturdiness to get the job done. There are only a few packing options that can handle the weight, abrasion, and general abuse of such materials.

One-ton bulk bags are used in the construction sector to lift and carry commodities such as sand, gravel, cement, and resins while the mining sector uses the bags for minerals, metal ores, and coal.

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