How Long Do Polypropylene Bags Last?

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how long do polypropylene bags last
Known to be eco-friendly, durable, and just so useful to have, there are many reasons why more and more people are choosing to use polypropylene bags. But like many first-time buyers of these bags, the big question, or rather the one most often asked, is “How Long Do Polypropylene Bags Last?”

And it is a fair question. When you are buying plenty of these bags for whatever reason, you are guaranteed to be spending a fair amount of money and so you will want to not only be sure that you enjoy a quality buy but that your money goes a long way. Even if the bags you are buying are only going to be used for packaging, and thus being given away along with your product, having good quality packaging is a big deal, especially as it is a reflection on your business. Trunel Bags is a leading supplier of pallet wrap. We also offer plastic bags Johannesburg as well as plastic sheeting for sale.

What are polypropylene bags?

If this is the first time you have come across these bags or if you are just curious about what makes them such a popular option, this section is just for you.

Polypropylene bags are essentially plastic bags, but not the supermarket kind. These bags are in no way flimsy and prone to tearing because they are made with a weaved, heavy-duty plastic material. The material it is made of is resistant to water and is strong enough to hold heavy items.

These bags are non-toxic, they are non-staining, and they are completely reusable. They are also very easy to keep clean, they are lightweight, they are economical to produce (which makes them an affordable buy) and they are even resistant to things like high temperatures, and most acids and solvents.

All in all, these bags are a great choice for packaging things like heavy fruits and vegetables, while they also make for fantastic shopping bags. And they can be used for a variety of other things.

Uses of Polypropylene Bags

So, this blog is all about the lifespan of the bags but knowing just what they can be used for can give you some more information about their durability, and as such, how long they can be used.

Just about every industry can benefit in some way by having access to these bags, which sounds crazy given the fact that you wouldn’t imagine bags would really have so many uses for so many people.

The Agricultural World

By far the biggest user of these bags, you will find polypropylene bags in just about every part of the industry. From storing harvested produce to transporting both produce as well as the various other materials that are constantly needed on farms, there is so much need for these bags. And given the fact that these bags are so wonderfully resistant to so many things, they can be exposed to chemicals of all kinds, including compost and fertilizers.

The Food Packaging Industry

Since these bags can be used on the farm, it makes sense that they can also be used for food packaging. Bulk food products can be easily packed into these bags and transported to shops. Because of these bags, customers are able to buy foods like maize, rice, and flour, in larger quantities.

The Construction and Engineering Business

Even the construction world has a use for polypropylene bags, while they also use the fabric on its own. Used for tasks relating to mining, drainage, filtering, road works and railways, building and so much more, this industry gets plenty out of these bags.

Polypropylene bags can also be used as basic shopping bags, which is possibly the biggest reason why these bags have become so popular for the everyday person.

Are polypropylene bags eco-friendly and how long do they last?

These kinds of bags are made from an eco-friendly fabric, which will break down after 20 or 30 years when disposed of but will usually be melted down and used to make more of this material, to make more bags or other products.

And these bags, since they are made using such a durable material, can quite easily last a lifetime, especially if what you are using the bag for is something as simple as carrying your shopping. For bigger industries, while the material is more than likely going to experience a lot more wear and tear than a shopping bag would, it can still have a long lifespan, especially if the material is correctly broken down and recycled.

To make sure that your bag stands the test of time, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that the bag is kept in great condition and is regularly cleaned, should it be spilled in. It will also help to store your bags in a place where they won’t be nibbled on by rats or exposed to too much sunlight.

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