What is a FLEDBAG® and How does it Work?

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September 7, 2022
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September 7, 2022
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What are FLEDBAG® Products

Bulk bags can be cumbersome and difficult to store and troublesome to empty. With the Innovative FLEDBAG® products you can pack away big bags safely and easily and clear out their contents just as easily, quickly, and accurately.

The FLEDBAG® range comprises dispensers and holding racks that make for efficient storage and draining of bulk bags. The racks can withstand bulk bags up to 1200kg, with a side rack option to extend the FLEDBAG® Rack system indefinitely.

The dispensers do well with bulk bags used in the industrial and agricultural sectors.  Whether you need to mete out anything from fertilizer, lime, or silicone to barley, wood chips, or animal feed, the dispensers can handle any pourable materials from about one to 20mm in diameter. It can also cope with powdered material, as long as the content has no lumps. Trunel Bags is a leading supplier of one ton copper ore transportation bags for sale. We are also plastic bag manufacturers in gauteng and offer produce bags for sale.

The FLEDBAG® Original

The FLEDBAG┬« Original is a compact 50cm high gadget and weighs 1790g. It is made exclusively for the use of one-way bulk bags, as the bag is broken when the FLEDBAG┬« is removed. The FLEDBAG┬« can be used for returnable bags, bearing in mind the bag will be broken after use.  The FLEDBAG┬« is inserted off-center from the returnable big bagÔÇÖs outlet.

How does a FLEDBAG® work?

The FLEDBAG┬« is set on a firm surface underneath the bulk bag that is lifted by its loops using a forklift or front loader. Once you are happy with the positioning of both the bag and the FLEDBAG┬«, lower the bag so that the FLEDBAG┬« penetrates the bulk bag. Then raise the bar again. The FLEDBAG┬« will be attached to the bag and you can then pull down the FLEDBAG┬« lightly to make it easier to operate the valve. By opening and closing the valve you can mete out the bagÔÇÖs contents in your own time.

Sometimes, when the bulk bag may still be swinging slightly when youÔÇÖre lowering it, FLEDBAG┬« could tip, but this poses no problem as the moving handle gives in and nothing breaks.

The innovative FLEDBAG® Original features:

  • A reinforced chisel tip for easier penetration into the bulk bag;
  • An innovative Vario gate valve with high tightness for flexible storage;
  • A submerged connecting screw to secure a stable and steady flat state;
  • A flexible folding handle;
  • Enormous stability through the C-Modified Polyamide glass fibre mixture to withstand high loads and provide indefinite service life when used properly. There is no corrosion.


This dispenser was specially designed for use with reusable bags.

The FLEDBAG® Easy is convenient and simple to use. Open the first outlet of the bulk bag and push the tensioning ring into the protruding discharge hose. From underneath, you then position the FLEDBAG® Easy on the discharge hose. Pull the tensioning ring down and fasten it with the discharge hose on the FLEDBAG® Easy. Attach the tensioning ring along the neck of the FLEDBAG® Easy. Open the second knot on the outlet to let the content run into the FLEDBAG® Easy.

The exciting and innovative FLEDBAG® product range offers you effective and easy-to-use options for the storage and emptying of your bulk bags.

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