What is Plastic Sheeting and How to Use it?

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what is plastic sheeting

Trunel Bags is a major supplier of superior quality plastic sheeting throughout South Africa. Our wholesale sheeting is available at competitive prices and we have long served some of the most prominent industry players in the country.

As such, we understand the need for exceptional and reliable quality throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, which is why we provide industries and businesses with plastic sheeting that ensures the safety of their valuable products for market distribution. 

What is Plastic Sheeting? Plastic sheeting is an incredibly versatile product and can be used for numerous applications throughout the packing and distribution process. In this article, we explore some of the most common uses of plastic sheeting. Trunel Bags is a leading supplier of vegetable bags. We also offer un bag certification as well as plastic sheeting.

Common Uses of Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is excellent as weather-proof tarp, ground sheet and shelter

Plastic sheeting is a great means of quickly and efficiently protecting valuable machinery from a variety of different weather systems, storms, extreme sun, or simply for general protective use. It can also be used as ground cover on surfaces that need to be shielded from the elements.

Plastic sheeting provides reliable dust covering during construction projects

Construction or remodelling projects create large swathes of dust which can cause damage to walls, valuable finishings, or carefully completed paint jobs. Plastic sheeting provides excellent protection against construction dust to ensure a perfectly executed project.

Plastic sheeting can be used to shield wood piles and large containers

Carpentry and other wood-related industry projects often involve meticulously executed restoration jobs, while precious wood piles designated for future projects can be easily warped and destroyed by rain or beating sun.

Plastic sheeting will guard even the most delicate wood against the elements and can be used to cover newly restored furnishings to ensure they remain free of damage both before and after being refurbished.

Plastic sheeting is an important aspect of aquaponics

Aquaponics has become one of the most popular food production systems in recent times, used by sustainable farmers, green-conscious restaurants, and individuals seeking to establish a holistic food system at home.

Plastic sheeting is an essential part of the aquaponics process as it is used to create a barrier from rot at the bottom of containers, as well as to prevent unwanted water seepage.

Plastic sheeting is incredibly useful during temporary repairs

Whether it be a broken car window, a door that needs to be replaced, or a beautiful bay window that is being restored, plastic sheeting will provide an instant weather-proof shield from the elements.

This allows the restoration process to continue with no further unnecessary damage being rendered to the newly exposed area.

Plastic sheeting can be used to erect greenhouses and tunnels

Greenhouses and tunnels are important aspects of many agricultural projects on both a small, private scale or for extensive farming projects including those of vegetable suppliers, nurseries, specialist herb growers, and even vineyards.

Plastic sheeting is the perfect material with which to erect greenhouses and tunnels as it works to retain the ambient temperature required to house delicate plants and saplings while also protecting them from the damaging effects of hail and wind.

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